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Island Boys Stormed Out Of Impaulsive By Logan Paul

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After a tense confrontation with Logan Paul and co-host George Jankos, trending social media influencer duo Island Boys stormed off the set of the Impaulsive podcast, the cameras were still filming.

Identical twins Franky Venegas and Alex Venegas were born on 16th July 2001, in Florida. They both were raised by their mother herself, as the father of them passed away when they were of 6 years. While attending good schools, the Island boys became trouble makers and even posted videos of them getting arrested on social media. Since they were 13, the Islands boys had been arrested for burglaries and robberies.

Franky is the one who has the greatest influence on the creation of Island Boys. He started pursuing his career in music in 2020 and has released hits including “9ine” and “Smoke.” They became an internet sensation after their freestyle rap ‘Island Boy’, which they sang in a pool got a million views and likes on TikTok.

Recently the duo of Island Boys appeared in a weekly podcast hosted by Logan paul and George Janko’s Impaulsive. In the Podcast, they often have a guest and discuss the latest news and gossip from the influencer community. Currently, Impaulsive is at No. 4 position on the top charts.

During the interview, a fight broke out between Island Boys and Janko. The cameras continued to shoot the argument between the two. Though the reason for the argument is yet not clear, apparently it was seen that Janko said something which set the Island Boys off. Later it was seen Janko advising Island Boys on their road to fame. The words of Janko were, “I’m giving you nice advice bro…God forbidden something happened.”

The Island Boys misunderstood Janko’s statement and refused to take part in a podcast in the presence of Janko. The video of the argument can be seen on the Instagram handle of Def Noodles.

Internet users mocked the Island Boys on social media after the fight with the co-host of the podcast. Here are the few reactions of the audience, ” But why George? He is the most sensible among them”, “Confused blonde baby girl”, “Nobody taking those clowns serious” etc.

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