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Doja Cat Blasts Noah Schnapp For Private DMs

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Doja Cat , the “Woman” singer told fans about the Stranger Things star. She called out Noah Schnapp in since deleted TikTok live on Thursday live.

Doja Cat said, “To be fair is like a kid. I don’t know how old he is but he’s not even over like 21. When you ‘re that young you make mistakes, you do dumb s—-, you say dumb s—-, you f—-up relationships with peopl. You make mistakes like you’re supposed to so you know not do it in the future. I did my share of f—ups so I don’t f— up again.”

Further she added saying, “But tha fact that Noah did that is so unbelievably socially unaware and wack. That’s like borderline snake s— that’s like weasel s—. I’m not saying that encapsulates his entire personality. Noah is not like the definition, like I wouldn’t imagine he is. Maybe he is?”

Cat’s rant came out one day later Noah posted a TikTok sharing their private conversation. In the conversation it was seen Doja asked the actor to help set her up with Quinn 29. “Noah can u tell Joseph to. Wait no. Does he have a gf? Doja asked Schnapp through his Instagram DMs. Noah responded by telling the singer to slide into Quinn’s DMs on Twitter or Instagram, though she struggled to find them.

“idk his ig or twitter. He doesn’t have a DM to slide in, the singer wrote back. Playing the role of wingman, the actor responded by sending her a link to his Instagram page, writing, “right here ma’am.” The “Woman” singer, 26, made her crush on the British star unknown on Instagram in May. She tweeted by saying, “Joseph Quinn fine as s—.”

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