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Harsh Beniwal TEASES New Video: YOUTUBE VS TIKTOK Controversy

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Harsh Beniwal hints his entry in YOUTUBE VS TIKTOK Controversy to support fellow friend ‘Carryminati.’

A 24-year-old, Harsh Beniwal is a popular Indian YouTuber known for comic skits on his YouTube channel with over 8M subscribers. Beniwal made his debut in Bollywood through Student of the year 2 and extremely appreciated for his work in YouTube and Bollywood both.

Beniwal is among the close friends of ‘Carryminati’ in YouTube community and wants to support him in this feud against TikToker ‘Amir Siddiqui’. However, Carry has already ended it with YOUTUBE VS TIKTOK: THE END, back then.

But the things have heated again since the LEAKED Call Recording. Read Here- Amir Siddiqui ABUSES Carryminati – Call Recording Leaked. Leaked Call recording of Amir siddqui has freaked out many YouTubers while few expressed on their Social Media acc taking shots on Amir.

Creators like Hindustani Bhau, Maxtern, Gareebo and many along with Harsh Beniwal shared a story on Controversy. Harsh Beniwal sarcastically uploaded a picture of ‘Oil bottle’ on his IG story that reads “Lagalena is bar” Those who didn’t know what he meant by it. Read below:

Now this will be huge with Beniwal Stepping in this Controversy.

Just when Carryminati uploaded a merciless roast on Amir Siddiqui, YouTuber’s like BeYouNick and Harsh Beniwal sarcastically commented on Carry’s post. Harsh Beniwal went on saying “Tel to laga leta marne se pehle.”

Looking at Beniwal’s recent stories, it seems he has something big against Amir Siddiqui.

Beniwal Confirmed his next video on Tiktok vs YouTube Controversy finally on his Instagram handle that reads “#RoastnhiFrykarunga” clearly pointing out what’s aboput to come. The background music on story(SRK”s dialogue) adds spice to tease sound “Picture abhi baaki hai mere dost” (The show hasn’t ended yet my friend).

“Aj Sham 7 baje” there will be an enormous blast on YouTube again.

All his late stories on Instagram points out the Upcoming new Roast video by Harsh Beniwal. Are you excited?

The video will drop on YouTube at 7PM evening.

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