Gunna Spent $100k On Diamond Tooth


American rapper, singer, and songwriter Gunna now has the letter “P” encrusted on his tooth. He spent $100K in honor of his smash hit “Pushin P.”

Dr. Connelly who calls himself “the father of Diamond Dentistry” shared a video on his Instagram of Gunna’s new diamond tooth on Saturday. The teal diamond is in the shape of P and with a golden outline on a porcelain tooth. The procedure of the tooth reportedly cost around $100,000 total. It was installed with a set of veneers for Gunna.

Pushin P has become a catchphrase for him since releasing the song featuring Future and Young Thug. The rapper has stated that the P stands for multiple things, including Paper, Player, and even peace. Everytime he posts P on social media it’s the emoticon of a white P with a light blue background. Gunna is not only the celeb to visit Dr. Conelly for his teeth. However, American rapper Post Malone also went to the dentist to get diamond fangs. Conelly told Rolling Stone about Malone, ‘He’s now got two functional, full diamond teeth. They light up the room. They sparkle, they shine; they’re amazing.’

Here are the few reactions of the fans of Gunna on his new tooth, “I can get that one for a single penny”, “mad respect”, “Insane bro”, “man ppl just love wasting money” and “he played himself” etc.

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