Rockstar has made some GTA games like San Andreas, Chinatown available for mobile devices from series. One of the latest instalments of this series GTA V stood to be the best-selling game in the series. Since its release the game has extensively dominated the console as well as PC race. GTA V has not yet released for android devices and hence been anticipated by lot of fans.

Rockstar Games Developers seems like have given up on the mobile version. The game being graphically intensive takes up 96 GB of the space on PC verison.

To satisfy the hunger of GTA 5  mobile version third-party developers launched a blatant version with same features and visuals. The mobile version features great action and  gameplay for android devices. They tried to make a GTA V look alike to simulate the same experience on a mobile from PC. Try this one of the best mobile version of GTA 5 now and let us know.



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