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Gooba becomes certified platinum by RIAA

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A 24-year-old rapper, Tekeashi 6ix9ine is an American rapper. He dropped a banger music video on YouTube “Gooba” which was highly successful. It broke the record of most views within 24 hours by garnering 43 million views. Gooba featured on top songs of Billboard Hot 100 chart this week.

Gooba debuted at No.3 on Billboard Hot 100 but that was not enough for 6ix9ine. He claimed that he launched an investigation and found out that Justin, Ariana and Billboard were manipulating the numbers for Billboard charts.

Gooba becomes Gold

Gold and Platinum Awards are earned by artists who have met rigorous standards set by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) and recipients join the ranks of the most iconic recording artists.

Boasting two-hundred and twenty-seven million views on YouTube, Gooba has already sold over five-hundred-thousand album-equivalent units. This made Gooba to be as certified Gold by RIAA on 22nd May.

Gooba becomes Platinum

With all the previous records on its name, Gooba still is not going to stop. Gooba is now announced by RIAA as certified platinum. This is awarded only if the song reaches 1 million units in sales. By chart data of RIAA, Gooba has done it.

Tekashi announces this on his Instagram and mocks about when people said that he can’t have a career after getting out of prison. 

6ix9ine also believed that even though Trollz debuted at No. 1 spot, Billboard still tried to blackball him. Now with this success he is working on his new album as well.

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