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From PUBG to TikTok ‘Maxtern’ loves CONTROVERSY

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Our Indian TPP player ‘Maxtern’ loves being a part of controversy. Whether it’s Rude sniper at first or a popular TikToker ‘Shivam singh Rajput’ now, Maxtern enjoys the dispute.

Maxtern is an Indian Pubg mobile player and content creator on YouTube with more than 600k subscribers. He has climbed his way all into Indian Esports through his skills, mainly known for ‘TPP’ style gameplay.

Lately Maxtern received a bluetick on TikTok and spends sometime sharing videos there.

The controversy began through Maxtern’s “Lipsync 9999” video on tiktok used as a duet by a tiktoker ‘Premshilu’ (who’s a Shivam Singh Rajput’s friend). Prem made a duet in funny accent teasing Maxtern followed by Shivam Singh Raput’s comment “Are bacha hai khelne de” that acted as boost for rift between Maxtern and Shivam.

Maxtern replied to shivam’s comment “Bhai tum andhe ho kya? Controversy Karni hai” on tiktok.

Later both took it on their official Instagram handle where Shivam texted Maxtern to clear out his point, said –he’s a content creator not a tiktoker and he ain’t interested in anykind of controversy..but Maxtern never miss a chance to take shots on opponents whether it’s PUBG or tiktoker. He shared a snapshot on his handle writes “ye log chahhye hue tiktok pr khud ko tiktoker bolne se sharma rhe hai.” This leads to a cold clash between both of them sharing a series of stories on Instagram replying each other.

Shivam Singh went on sharing the snap of Maxtern’s Insta story on his handle writes “ullu ka bacha khelte khelte naraz ho gaya, or tu controversy k layak nahi” ..(you’re not worthy of controversy go and play games)..here is now when the real drama starts, Maxtern provoked Shivam Singh for tagging him on his Instagram stories, said “controversy bs kee nahi hai meri toh tag kar k bol na mjhe.

The debate between them on social media has already become a controversy, and no one wants to step aside Maxtern recently shared a story keeping his point on front – “Agli controversy se followers badhenge ..Tu khud ko Manjul(popular tiktoker with millions of fan following) samjhta hai kya jo tere bare me bolke followers badha lunga.”

Okay! this sounds never ending but except these two our audiences must really be enjoying it – A clash between Gamer and TiKToker. Stay Tuned, we’ll keep you updated.

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