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Fans react to Tana Mongeau Buying David Dobrik’s Mansion

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Controversial YouTube star David Dobrik finally has finally sold off his old $2.5 million Los Angeles home. The news bearer for this transfer is none other than the new owner of the Mansion, social media star Tana Mongeau itself.

Mongeau shared this news via her Twitter stating that she “never thought in a million years” that she would be “buying a house from David Dobrik”. However the social media star went on to call Dobrik her new landlord, which left fans scratching their heads.

Internet users even called out Mongeau for still keeping contact with David Dobrik as he was accused of sexual abuse. While she was the one who earlier was educating people to believe the victim and completely shut out the accused person.

Fans speculate that Tana calling Dobrik landlord might hint towards her just renting the property and not being the owner. Take a look at their reactions.

Responding to one of these tweets she said, “He is for now lmao what.” This response from the social media star left fans further more baffled.

Amid the recent Vlog Squad controversy surrounding the YouTuber, fans noticed the Studio City House for sale which was later revealed to be bought by Tana Mongeau.

David Dobrik had purchased the 2700 square foot, four-bedroom Studio City home back in 2017  for a little under $2.6 million. The hillside property was built in 1953 and has a contemporary Mediterranean/Spanish style of design at a glance from outside.

Here’s a look at his now sold mansion in $2.5 million Los Angeles home.

The mansion had been home for David where he lived along with his manager Natalie Noel and several of his friends. It was also seen in his earlier vlogs.

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