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Ethan Payne tested negative for COVID-19

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Ethan Leigh Payne, also known as Behzinga, is a YouTube personality and member of the Sidemen. Ethan is now best known for his fitness and lifestyle videos on his main channel, as well as gaming videos on his second channel and his part in the Sidemen.

He is usually the butt of many jokes within the Sidemen, which in the past heavily involved homosexuality or his weight. Also jokes on his missing father were made but Ethan never takes any offence from them.

Recently, he was tested as Coronavirus positive but when he shared the news with his fans he gave them some thought to not make his fans sad. Ethan wrote on his Twiiter account that “got coronavirus but West Ham just won 4-0”.

Many of his fans were worried for him and also wished him a speedy recovery form the deadly virus.

But now he comes up with good news for his fans on his Twitter account. Ethan shares a snap of his Covid-19 test report. Along with the picture he wrote, “fantastic news as I tested again for COVID-19 over the weekend & the results came back & we’re negative.”

This news brought smiles on lot of his fans who were earlier worried for him. In the report there is clearly written in bold letters that “There is no evidence of infection in this patient.”

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