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Emiway’s MACHAYENGE REMIX Dropping Bombs on YouTube

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Shahrukh Shaikh, more commonly known as Emiway Bantai, is a 24 years old Mumbai based rapper and hip-hop artist. Emiway started his rap career with the song “Glint Lock” ft. Minta in 2013 which he uploaded on YouTube. Since then he started pumping more and more efforts into writing songs.

In his initial years, Emiway took part in a TV reality show, “India’s Got Talent” where he performed a song named “Aur Bantai.” But he could not ride long way in the show. Few years later, he made a remake of the same song as “Tribute to Eminem,” and the song was a super hit.

He gained huge popularity after he had a beef with famous Indian hip-hop rapper “Raftaar.” This was due to some past issues between them. He made a diss track for Raftaar, Divine, and MC Stan. There were few diss songs from both the sides. His most recent beef was with Divine but it all was sorted with a truce.

The flow and aggression Emiway stuffs in his songs is enough to mesmerize anyone. His raps are usually based on his life story and daily life struggles and achievements of common people.

Emiway’s past international collabs

Dax a Canadian rapper with whom Emiway did a song named “I’ve Been that.” This song quickly became a hit. The song crossed 2 million views within 12 hours.

Celina Sharma is an Australian singer and songwriter. She recently did a song in collaboration with Emiway, “Lean On.” This song was his second international collab.

He did a collab with Lexy Pryde and Snoop Dogg which was also a good hit. The song was named, “New World.” 

His earlier song Machayenge was a huge success which currently has 176 million views on YouTube. He remade the song has Firse Machayenge, no doubt it also gaining a huge attention. It currently sits with 172 million views.

With all this success with Machayenge, Emiway recently released a remix of the later version of song with international rapper Macklemore. Macklemore is a American rapper and songwriter from Washington. He has been independently creating hits since 2000. 

This song with Macklemore has garnered 1.1 million views in 9 hours on YouTube. 

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