Drake Handed Out Cash On The Eve Of Christmas


Canadian rapper Drake took to the streets of Toronto, handing stacks of cash to random people. Fans of him have been sharing the video of receiving cash on social media.

The Certified Lover Boy rapper rode in the backseat of his Maybach, handing out money to random residents on 25th December. It is still unclear how much he gave away, however, it appeared to be a stack of 20 Canadian dollars.

Few of the fans felt sorrow for not being able to get their hands on cash. While those who got the cash praised him as a ‘legend’. Drake shared a video of celebration with his son Adonis, wishing his 99M Instagram followers ‘Merry Christmas From The Gang’.

People who received cash could be heard saying  “Oh my god, this is crazy,” while another one said, “Thank you, bro. I appreciate it guys, take care.”. To which he replied, “You already know.”

Fans are highly appreciating him for his quality of being kind by saying “This is how you give back. Respect Drake,” “Girls Want Girls” rapper a “real-life Santa”, “Santa Drake” and “bro are you a goat?” ” Santa came in real tho” etc.

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