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Dhinchak Pooja took down Gamer’s latest YouTube Video

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Rawknee’s received a copyright strike by Dhinchak Pooja

Rony Dasgupta also know as RawKnee socially, runs a YouTube channel called “The RawKnee Games”.He’s known for roasting in his YouTube videos. Besides being a roaster also a gamer and a vlogger and has more than 1M subscribers on his YouTube channel.

Peoples favourite singer (singer? we don’t even know if she’s a singer or not, she does not try to sing in tune or even stick to tempo) and YouTuber ‘Dhinchak Pooja’ (Pooja Jain) whose recent song went trending #1 on YouTube, claimed a copyright strike on Rawknee’s latest YouTube video.

Rawknee’s video, titled as ‘Vydia’ uploaded recently on YouTube, was a roast against Dhinchak Pooja.

Dhinchak Pooja has always been roasters and Memesters favourite target. They never miss a chance to troll her verbally, whether its social media or YouTube.

However, it’s strange Pooja taking down the Roastsers video on her, as she never took down carry’s roast video.

Rawknee shared a series of stories on his Instagram, announcing about the copyright strike by Dhinchak on his latest video. He sounded sarcastically rude and also tried to upload another video later, but he failed because of copyright strike.

After two failed attempts Rawknee made a third roast video on ‘Neha Dhupia’ launching on his YouTube channel titled as. But Rawknee was unsuccessful sharing a video based on Pooja because of copyright strike. The new video is out now. Check it below.

There’re no comments from Dhinchak pooja about it yet. Stay Tuned.

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