Nadeshot Will Be Tying Knot With Haley Soon


If you are a Call of Duty Fan, then Nadeshot must not be a new name. Matthew Haag is a well known former American Professional Call of Duty Player. In addition, he is also a founder of a company.

Matthew Haag was born on August 3, 1992, in Columbus, Ohio. Matthew is among the three children born to Jeff Haag and her husband, Chris Haag. He has a brother and a sister. Nadeshot graduated from Moraine Valley Community College in 2012. He is a former Red Bull esports athlete.

The Internet has made this world a global village. We can get to know about anything just by connecting ourselves with the Internet. Following the information available on the Internet, we can be sure that Matthew is in a relationship. 

Matthew is currently dating, Haley Hey. They have been in a relationship for almost two years. Much about their first meeting is still under investigation. The love bonds seem to be increasing day after day. His fans are eagerly waiting for them to tie their knot as soon as possible. They can be seen visiting various holiday destinations in and around the United States.

Matthew Haag is much early in his life, but he has been involved in some famous relationships along with his successful career. He was in a relationship with Jenne Ezarik. Jenne is also a famous Social media personality. They started dating by the end of 2015.

They could be seen in each other social media profile at a regular interval. However, in the mid of 2018, a rumor hit the market that Jenne and Matt separated. The rumor turned into reality. As per sources, they mutually separated to focus on their career.

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