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Dank Rishu reacting to accusations on him by Aabir Vyas

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Rishabh Arora more commonly known as Dank Rishu, is an emerging Indian YouTuber known for his funny content and roast videos on his YouTube channel. Rishu is a well-know personality on YouTube with currently 152 thousand subscribers.

Rishabh a while back crossed 100k Subscribers on his YouTube channel. Before achieving this feat he made a deal that if he crosses the 100k mark, he will call the emergency police number and abuse them.

Eventually he crossed and that mark and as promised he came live on YouTube and did the same. There were mixed emotions on this illegal stunt. People were saying that he is a savage and some criticizing him for this act. Later Dank Rishu revealed that this was not a real stunt. It was a fully scripted video.

Aabir Vyas on Rishu

Rishu uploaded a video roasting Instagram comedians which might have triggered one person featured in it. Aabir Vyas quickly uploaded avideo then titled “Dear Haters.” Aabir was one of the person featured in Rishu’s roast video. Recently, he uploaded a video on Instagram linking Dank Rishu to Sushant’s death. He said that he should not upload a video to hurt the sentiments of the people.

He also put forth the topic of calling police and abusing. He said that even if it was a prank this is not acceptable. Vyas further calls his lawyer friend and asks her if this is a crime. Just the way Indian Army is respected same must go with Indian Police added Aabir.

Dank Rishu’s reply to Aabir

Dank Rishu uploaded a video to give a reply to Aabir’s accusations. He mentioned that Aabir was just triggered from his earlier roast. Again, he showed them a clip from his channel showing that he already revealed of the abusing video being scripted. Further, he said if Aabir wants to go to court, then he sits ready for it.

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