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Corona bring Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande for Charity Song

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Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande come together after 4 years for Charity Duet song “Stuck with U.” Both the singers collab for a good cause to benefit the children of First responders during Covid-19 pandemic.

Few days back, Bieber fired up the social media teasing about his collab with Ariana on Instagram.

The singers finally announced their Upcoming duet “Stuck with U” will be a charity song set for launch on May 8, 2020. Both announced it sharing a post on Instagram handle features a cartoonist stick figure art – displays two figures stuck in a house as the title reads “Stuck with U.”

“I’m so excited to announce that my friend Justin Bieber and I have partnered with SB Projects and First Responders Children’s Foundation on this little project here,” said Ariana in a press release.

“We’re very excited about this for so many reasons. We hope we make a big difference with this and we hope it uplifts you and makes you feel happy and that you love it as much as we do. We’ve had a really great time working on this and we’re so excited for you to hear it.”

Justin added: “More than ever we are seeing the selfless, tireless and amazing work that doctors, nurses and healthcare providers give to the world every day. It is our hope we can lend our voices to raise awareness and give much-needed support for them and their families.”

The Duo performed together on last April at Coachella Music Festival Art on Justin’s hit single SORRY. Justin and Ariana team up after long since their last music “What Do You Mean (Remix)” in 2015.

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