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    Casey Neistat Launched His Own Film School

    Casey Owen Neistat is a YouTuber, filmmaker, vlogger and co-founder of the multimedia company Beme from America. He owns a YouTube channel CaseyNeistat with over 12.4 million subscribers.

    Casey started daily vlogging back on March 26, 2015, he once stated that ‘he sees his vlogs more as a forum as opposed to a daily journal’. He stopped making vlogs between November 2016 and March 2017 to focus more on short films

    Neistat won GQ’s “New Media Star” Man of the Year Award on September 6, 2016. He reached the 1 million subscribers milestone on August 23, 2015, and within a year Neistat reached 4 million by August 2016.

    Casey was seen inactive on YouTube for the past six months. He made a comeback on YouTube by uploading his new vlog titled ‘The Most Important Movie I’ve Ever Made’, in which Neistat announced the opening of his online filmmaking & storytelling class.

    The enrollment of Casey Neistat film school has been started already, which will be a 30 days online class. The motive of the class is to teach filmmaking and storytelling, alongside sharing his entire creative process from start to finish.

    Over the month the students will follow Casey side by side and leave the class with 2 original, shareable films of their own. He wanted this class from his initial YouTube days. Neistat revealed that he had been working on it for the past year and he is extremely proud of the result. The class is designed to level the students up irrelevant of them being a beginner or a more experienced filmmakers.

    The class will officially be starting from January 10, 2022, and only run a few times per year. Fans of Neistat are excited to see the end results of the class.

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