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Carrymintai Continues to BREAK RECORDS !

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A young Indian YouTube Star Carryminati came out on top with the most Epic video ever ‘YOUTUBE VS TIK TOK: THE END’ in Indian YouTube community. Carry has become the major topic of discussion amid Covid19 whether it’s Social Media or YouTube, everywhere people are hailing his name. On the other hand, Memers have bombarded both Instagram and Twitter with Carrymianti and TikTok memes grabbing everyone’s attention to controversy. Read- #Carryminati DOMINATES Twitter & YouTube.

Ajey Nagar dropped the long-awaited roast on TikTok vs YouTube Controversy on Friday that continues to break many YouTube records Nationally and Internationally. Carry’s video amassed a staggering 19.8M views and 5.2M likes within 24 hours.

The list is not only limited to this, Carry has dominated whole YouTube within these 3 days smashing some huge records on YouTube. The Record-breaking list of “YOUTUBE VS TIK TOK: THE END” goes deep. Read Below:

  1. Becomes the fastest Indian video to Hit 1M Likes (2 Hours).
  2. The fastest Indian video to Hit 2M Likes (5 Hours).
  3. The fastest Indian video to Hit 3M Likes (9 Hours).
  4. The fastest Indian video to Hit 4M Likes (17 Hours).
  5. The fastest Indian video to Hit 5M Likes (22 Hours).
  6. 2nd Most-Liked Video In the World on YouTube within 24 hours (5.2M Likes)
  7. 2nd Most-Commented Video on YouTube (451k)
  8. 4th Most-Liked Indian YouTube Video on YouTube.
  9. 8th Most Viewed Indian Video in 24 Hours (19.8M views)
  10. 2nd Most-Liked Non-Music Video of the World

Carryminatis’s Achievement in such a young age has stunned many. Congratulations to Carry for being all-time record breaker. He has created a benchmark for every upcoming Indian YouTuber inspiring millions.

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