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Carryminati ‘Yalgaar’ Meme’s NEVER-ENDING

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A 21-year-old roast King ‘Carryminati’ is in the spotlight since ‘TikTok vs YouTube’ controversy. The controversy must have ended, but we can still see the aftereffects of it on Social Media. Whether it’s YouTube, Twitter or Instagram, everyone’s hailing Carryminati. It’s like Ajey has become a phenomenon now.

Carryminati ‘Youtube vs TikTok : The End’ video was like a direct smash on the face of Tiktoker ‘Amir Siddiqui.’ The video garnered millions on views every hour breaking global records. It was a prime time for Carryminati and his fans. Unfortunately, later the video got removed from YouTube for violating Community Guidelines.

This was a huge downside to Carryminati. He also shared a post on social media about how he feels. Read more –Carryminati Shares How he FEELS about removed Video.

Carryminati Yalgaar

Carry was lost and underground for a few weeks until he announced his comeback with (music rap video)‘Yalgaar.’ Yalgaar stands for ‘attack’ or ‘assault’ in Urdu. The rap dropped yesterday, setting a blaze on YouTube. Yalgaar is a 3.15 minute long track, brutal diss on Amir Siddiqui and YouTube guidelines.


Yalgaar concludes with the slogan ‘Carry Roast karega’, shows it’s the start of war now. Fans are all hyped up and lit the Twitter on Fire with Carry Minati Yalgaar memes. Few said it’s a hard slap on Amir’s face while few are still disappointed towardds carry.

And Memers don’t know when to stop whole social media is flooded with Carryminati ‘Yalgaar’ Memes. There’s a chance the memes will make you chuckle, let’s have a look at few of them.

Sometime back, Kunal Kamra brutally roasted ‘Carryminati’ in 11minute long YouTube video “Aaja Beta Carry Teko Roast Sikhaye.” Creative minds on Twitter took this chance to troll Kamra as well alongwith Amir Siddiqui.

He’s disappointed:

What are your thoughts on Carryminati’s Yalgaar?


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