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CarryMinati working on new side projects; stream starts in few days

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Ajey Nagar aka ‘Carryminati’ popularly known for his roast content and video game streams on his YouTube channel. Carry rose to an impressive height in the last few years, becoming an Indian Internet sensation and influencer. Ajey currently has 23.8 million subscribers.

Earlier, CarryMinati was involved in a controversy of between ‘TikTok vs YouTube’ that blew up the Internet lately. During this time period, Carryminati amassed more than 10M followers, fastest than any other individual creator. His ‘Youtube vs TikTok : The End’ scored many global records. But unfortunately, the video went down on the grounds of violating community guidelines.

CarryMinati on videos

Recently, someone tweeted and requested CarryMinati for making another video like his other video “Success story of a cringe pop artist.” He also requested Ajey to bring back his signature small sketches he used to do in his earlier videos.

Carry replied to this tweet saying that he also wants to make them too but due to the ongoing pandemic situation he could not make any of them.

CarryMinati about his streams

One of Carry’s fans requested him to commence his gaming streams again. He said that everyone missed them a lot. It’s been a long time since he last streamed.

To this Carry again replied saying that he missed the streams too. The only reason he is not streaming is because he is working on couple of side projects. But he assured that he will be back in 1-2 days.

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