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Austin McBroom reveals Social Gloves suing LiveXLive

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Popular star Austin McBroom broke his silence on the Social Gloves Company going bankrupt rumours. He revealed the real reason behind the fighters being not paid and it is not because of Social Gloves.

The event titled as Battle of Platforms took place on June 12th, and many influencers from TikTok as well as YouTube fought to find out which is the better platform.

However after the fight, TikToker Vinnie Hacker on his appearance on BFF podcast claimed that none of the fighters have been paid by the company and has filed for bankruptcy.

McBroom who was revealed as the owner of Social Glove Company received a major backlash on the internet. But the star has now came up with the answer for all the ruckus.

In a recent media interview uploaded by The Hollywood Fix, Austin McBroom shared that the rumour of Social Gloves is straight out ruled out as the live gate numbers alone were enough to cover them.

Pointing finger he said that their  live streaming partner LiveXLive has not released the money yet. Saying this he has revealed that Social Gloves filed a lawsuit against the global streaming platform.

“So, the two rumors are – Social Gloves is bankrupt which cap, it is false, it is not true. Everyone that was at the event knows that there were probably like 20,000 people there just at the gate alone. You probably make $3 or $4 million dollars.

“We’re not even talking about pay-per-view numbers, we’re not talking about brand deals. We’re just talking about at the event. So Social Gloves is not bankrupt at all,” Austin McBroom said.

He also admitted that the news of  fighters not getting paid is true, including for himself. Also he further cleared that it is all cool between him and Bryce Hall.

“The second thing they’re saying that fighters did not get paid. Yes, fighters have not got paid, yes, including myself. But that is because of LiveXLive.”

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