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ANGRY ‘King Anbru’ supports Maxtern – Maxtern Controversy

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Maxtern recently again got involved in a controversy with a popular Tiktok star “Shivam Singh Rajput.” It all started from a single tiktok video from Maxtern. Check the whole story here.

Shivam Singh Rajput stepped in between an argument to take side of his friend “Shilu” on tiktok against Maxtern. Sticking to the fact “KingAnbru” professional PUBG Mobile player and streamer who’s also a close friend of Maxtern sounded furious on Instagram. King Anbru shared a story on his handle supporting Maxtern in Controversy writes “Yeh kya fame fame laga rakha hai tum shahrukh khan ho kya kit ere naam se followers badayega maxtern,” pointing out the fact also said, he stepped in-between them because he’s also a friend like him.

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@kinganbru reacts to Maxtern Controversy !

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It seems like the Controversy has finally come to an end from Maxtern’s side. He shared a story on his wall claiming that this is the end of it. However, the thing between them hasn’t settled yet but they’re just pulling back because it’s useless fighting on minor things like a kid.

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