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Amit Bhadana calls out Bhuvan Bam for trying to pull him off the YouTuber trending page

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A new controversy sparked up between the two most popular entertainer Amit Bhadana and Bhuvan Bam on video sharing platform YouTube. To catch up with the news keep reading.

Amit Bhadana and Bhuvan Bam both make one of the finest comedy sketches on YouTube with more than 19 Million subscribers each. Bhadana is popularly known for his videos in UP slang which fans like the most. While, BB, who’s recognized as one of the most successful and respected Indian Youtuber, known for comedy skits and melodious voice.

Bhadana picks the nuances from the everyday hustle-bustle, his video features wide range of subjects like friends, bro-sis bond, school memories many more, to rapping about his success. Amit Bhadana is the most popular personality on Youtube.

Bhuvan Bam is one of the most prominent YouTuber of India. Well known for vines, where he enacts himself playing different characters, Bhuvan is also fond of singing and has made numerous songs over the years.

Both are excellent in delivering respective contents on video sharing platform. Their videos even clashed many a time on YouTube trending page. However, something has been cooking between both maybe, and the flames have now reached to social media among the fans. Bhadana outraged on his Instagram subtly taking shots at Bhuvan B

Presumably there are some internal disagreements going on in the YouTubers community. These fights are speculated to be going on for a long time but now things have escalated as Amit Bhadana has called out YouTuber but did not specifically called out his name.  The person Amit was referring to is Bhuvan Bam.

Amit went on a Instagram rant where he posted a series of story updates calling out Bam. He mentioned that after his recently released YouTube is now on trending page after 20 hours and blames the unnamed person for trying to take it off the trending page.

He claimed that this act has also been done earlier by the “Group” by sending fake low retention views via advert. Amit also warned them to not do such things again or else he will strike back.

Amit requested them to compete with quality content and not by playing an unethical game. He also shared a screen capture of trending page where one can see his video above Bhuvan’s video.

In the rant he also targeted another person referring as Bhuvan’s friend. Fans speculate him to be Ashish Chanchlani. Take a look at all the stories he shared during his rant.

As of now we don’t know what exactly happened between them internally. But rest assured both of them are the top YouTubers of India and are usually seen on the trending page.

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