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7 Essential Accessories for Every Man Under Rs500

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In this article we will focus on all the essential accessories that will not only compliment your outfits but also make you look good and better. Every Man should maintain their lifestyle, and we have brought you some essential products that you will need as a grown up man. It is better to upgrade your wardrobe early than to scramble about it at the last minute.

Black or Brown formal shoes

You definitely need a pair of formal shoes that match your outfit. And these two are the most affordable yet good quality formal shoes to have in your wardrobe. Perfect for your office.

ESSENCE Men’s Black Formal

PARAGON MAX Men’s Brown Formal Shoes

Casual Watches

Casual watches are another essential product for man. Every man should have a couple watch that can go with most of their outfits and compliment their lifestyle.

SWISSTYLE Analogue Men’s Watch


Black and Navy Blue tie

When we talk about formals and office wear tie is a must. Black and Navy Blue ties are the classic wear that will definitely snatch attention of peoples around you as well make you look well dressed and amazing.

AXLON Men’s Cotton Silk Necktie

Men’s Tie Classic Satin Slim Necktie


Sunglasses not only protect you from harmful UV rays but also add a cool and amazing touch to your outfit. Sunglasses prevents harmful rays and save you from wrinkles and blackish eye. You should definitely have one in your wardrobe.

Black and Brown belts

Ofcourse you need a pair of belts that match your shoe- Brown and black belts are essential whether you’re heading for a meeting or official events.

Satyam Kraft ARTIFICIAL PU leather Belt

Eliz Luxe Belts for Men

White sneakers

White Sneakers always look best on you and can go with almost all the outfits. If you’re going for a date, party or trip White sneakers will make you look amazing.

Good Wallet

A man should always carry a wallet

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