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6ix9ine’s Yaya becomes age restricted on YouTube

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Daniel Hernandez popularly known as Tekashi 6ix9ine is a 24-year-old rapper. He was released from prison due to coronavirus and was kept under house arrest. Tekashi uploaded two songs during this period, and they stood to be absolute banger.

Gooba and Trollz were the two songs, and they broke many records in the industry. Also, Gooba became a platinum certified by RIAA. Trollz stood as the first song for 6ix9ine to debut at No. 1 spot on Billboard Hot 100.

Tekashi drops Yaya

Twkasih’s newly released banger was delayed a lot of times due to uncertain problems. But finally as promised, 6ix9ine released his new song “Yaya”  Friday afternoon on 3rd July. The rapper is seen rapping and singing in Spanish, different from previous English-language singles.

As expected from 6ix9ine, this music video also features a ton of vibrant colours along with a lot of booty shaking by Vixen. To take it a notch higher this music video had a lot of milk in it for 6ix9ine.

Yaya becomes age restricted on YouTube

The very next day of uploading Yaya on YouTube, Tekashi posts on Instagram showing that Yaya has been age restricted on YouTube. This could be already seen coming as the music video showed a lot of skin and twerks.

Tekashi claimed that the other rappers are trying to pull him down by age restricting their videos. He further mentioned that even with the restriction he is not going to stop.

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