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6ix9ine’s NEXT Song with Nicki Minaj Leak

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A 24-year-old rapper, Tekeashi 6ix9ine (Daniel Hernandez) dropped a banger music video on YouTube “Gooba” which was highly successful and broke the record of most views within 24 hours by garnering 43 million views. Gooba also featured on top songs of Billboard Hot 100 chart this week.

Tekashi dropped his first post-prison song on Friday, 8th May. He planned to drop a new video next Friday, 22nd May. However, 6ix9ine pushed the release date back to 29th May. This song is presumed to be the collaboration with Nicki.

Word about the collab surfaced on Twitter this Wednesday, 20th May, when Power 105.1 radio jockey Honey German revealed the news by tweeting on her handle. “I’m hearing that @6ix9ine has a new track with @NICKIMINAJ coming out soon – Let us wait,” she posted.

“Taco” being the name of new track

On Saturday, 23rd May, 6ix9ine called out his fans said that the most liked comment will be the song’s name. This was to the fans to choose the name. Comments section included 6ix9ine’s friends and blogger, DJ Akademiks, offered the suggestion, “Taco.” Nicki Minaj’s most recent tweet is simply an emoji of a taco, possibly a hint to the new Nicki collab.

Nicki Minaj and 6ix9ine have collaborated before on “FeFe” in July 2018. The song has since been certified platinum eight times and rose to No. 3 on the Billboard Hot 100. It was a huge success to 6ix9ine back then.

Gooba also was highly successful but failed to top Billboard Hot 100 charts. It stood at No. 3 and Ariana and Justin’s “Stuck With U” gained the first spot. Tekashi claimed to launch investigation with his team, he found out few things about buying streams. He accused Ariana and Justin of buying their way to the top. He accused Billboard of being frauds. Read more here https://mavenbuzz.com/index.php/2020/05/19/tekashi-6ix9ine-states-billboard-as-fraud/

Since his release from prison, Tekashi continued beefing other rappers repeatedly. He has recently gone back and forth with Snoop Dogg and The Rich Kid.

Recently, he uploaded a video telling about how other rappers prayed for him to be over. He said rather than praying on his downfall they should put efforts in their music. He also flexed his money, which he claimed to be earned staying under house arrest. Check out the video below-

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