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6 Signs That Your Crush Likes You

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Do you have a major crush on someone? Are you still figuring out whether they like you back or not? Are you confused towards their action? Asking your crush directly may embarrass you. People aren’t good at hiding their feelings in front of someone who they like. So, it may not be that difficult to figure it out. Today we’ll be discussing some signs, to help you find out the person’s interest in you. Chances are’, your crush may like you back and these signs is concrete evidence they do.

6 Signs That Your Crush Likes You

They Want to Know About You

This is the most common thing that easily seen or noticed; Your Crush wants to know more about you. They are interested in every detail about your life, your childhood, your memories and everything. You can even notice the excitement when they talk about themselves or yourself, keep an eye out on them.

They never want to stop talking

Yeah! They never want the conversation to end. So, they will always keep bringing up something to talk or asks you question about things you’re doing that you haven’t told him or her about. Even they send lengthy messages even when responding to a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ question, means s/he wants to keep your conversation going. If your crush does this thing, it’s likely she/he does like you back.

They Wants to Spend Time With You

This is the obvious sign that he/she likes you back. Your crush always wants to meet and spend some quality time with you. If you’re friends and start hanging out on regular basis or they make some excuse to stick around you. Boom, that’s your boy/girl. This speaks there’s something more than friendship between you guys.

They Know details you never told

If..If your crush knows every little detail about you that you never told, is a concrete sign he/she likes you. They keep observing you, your behavior, routines and daily habits. S/he would ask you how you got the scar on your hand, or comment on your handwriting. You crush knows; when you go to bed, when you wake up , when you’re online or whether your mood is good or bad in a single text.

They make lots of eye contact

When he/she is nearby, do you catch your crush looking directly into your eyes? If you notice your crush staring at you and, when you make eye contact, he or she quickly looks away or pretends to be looking at something else. That’s it, there’re 90% chances they’re thinking about you and they like you. Eye contacts is very sweet and very telling and perfect indication they like you.

They remembers every detail of you

When we like someone. We remember and learn everything about that person. And, If your crush is interested in you and your life, remembers every detail about you like your birthday, name of your pet, your first encounter, behavior, manners and many more. They notice a minor change in your appearance, your shoes, haircut, or new glasses etc. It means they like you.

Still not sure? Still you have questions whether they like you or not? Drop in the comment section.

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