In the era of social -media,Everyone wants a better picture of themselves whether its a Family function, Wedding, Birthday ,Events or Meet-ups with our friends.We all need a perfect picture for Instagram,Facebook or our own Photo album.

Mirror Pic,Profile pic or Selfies below are 5 hacks to look better in Every Picture.

1) Always look at Camera

Never Avoid Camera !!

Focusing on lens is the keynote when you’re clicking a picture.It makes you look more natural,more normal and in the moment.

When you are clicking a mirror selfie avoid looking at your phone and try focusing more on lens in mirror reflection for a better picture.Once you’ve done with practice of focusing at lens make sure your posture looks confident and natural. Your body Posture is another aspect for a perfect picture. Putting on a little soft smile may help to depending on the type of picture.

2) Outfit Color Selection

Your Outfit plays an important role in your picture.Prefect Outfit selection highlights your photo and make you look best.Carefully choose what look best on your body depending on your skin color and body size & shape.Be mindful of color patterns when you’re about to click a picture.However,it may not be helpful every time.

Proper outfit selection is another key aspect for best pics.Wear the clothes in which you look confident.

3) Smile !

Proper Smile in a picture makes one look more confident and glowing.There’s this simple old school red-carpet hack to avoid goofy-wide grin when you smile – All you have to do is put your tongue slightly behind your teeth and look at camera lens.Fake and off smile can make you look bad in photos.

Do study your old favorite pictures with your smile and spot the one which smile looks better on your face with your mouth open or closed and if you should do a big smile or a subtle one. Practice is another step once you figure out what’s best for you.

You can even think of happy memory or your favorite meme for more natural smile.A Natural smile engages your eyes too.

4) Lighting

Lighting is everything when you need a perfect photos.Standing in sunlight for brighter pictures may cast weird shadows on your face.Direct lighting places harsh shadows on your face.

Instead,find a spot where you indirectly face a natural light,windows and doorways are best sometimes for selfies.You can even head out during day,find yourself a nice place in shades with soft light.

5) Be Confident

You must have heard this advise from alot but believe me being confident makes you look much better and natural.If you’re confident while taking pictures it reflects in photos too.

Be proud and happy of what you’re.Face the camera with a genuine smile and be you.You don’t have to be perfect at everything. This may results into some best perfect pictures.

Do apply this hacks and let me know in comment section what you feel about it.


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