Logan Paul Brutally Taunts Floyd Mayweather


Logan Paul recently roasted Floyd Mayweather and Dillon Danis. ‘The Maverick’ is the latest guest on the ‘Flagrant’ podcast hosted by Andrew Schulz and Akaash Singh.

“So let’s get into it. Floyd Mayweather, you punch, drunk idiot, read my lips. Oh, wait you can’t. Where’s my money bi***? Floyd never paid me for our fight. Who am I, the IRS? You can’t dodge taxes like you do punches dummy. Floyd, how can you call yourself the GOAT? You couldn’t even finish me. What am I, high school?”

Paul has stated multiple times that he has allegedly not been paid by Mayweather for their June 6th exhibition fight at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami: “Your punches are softer than the pillow Conor McGregor makes Dillon bite. That’s right, you’re up next Dillon Danis… You haven’t fought in three years okay. There are puppies in Sarah McLachlan commercials with more cage time than you.”

While he was answering questions from the media during his latest press conference, he addressed the allegations: “Logan Paul is the same guy that said that he didn’t get paid but someone from his team, the guy who actually put the exhibition on, that I was working with, reached out to us and said that Logan Paul wanted to do another exhibition. Now this is the same guy that said he did not get paid. So you guys got to start, you know watching these certain individuals clout-chasing.”

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