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Stephaine Matto Now Selling Her Breast Sweat

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Social media influencer Stephanie Matto, who made headlines for selling jars filled with her farts. Now has a new product to sell in the market. Matto, who is also a YouTuber and reality show star, has now resorted to another bizarre means of earning. She is now selling her breast sweat. Yes, you read that right!

Taking to her Instagram account, Matto announced that she was selling one jar of her sweat in a bottle for $500. Which is approximately Rs 38,000). She also posted a video wherein she shows how the sweat is collected in the jars. “New video up on my channel by the way! Reading some customer’s reviews that purchased my jars! 💋,” Matto’s Instagram post reads.

In the now-viral video, Matto is seen with a small container in her hand which contains of her breast sweat. Collect the sweat, she places the jar near her breast. The sweat that drips falls and gets collected into the bottle. According to reports, Matto earns up to ($5,000) Rs 4 lakh every day by selling bottles. of her breast sweat on her website, called Unfiltrd. Reports also suggest that the reality TV star manages to fill up to 10 bottles when the weather is warm enough.

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