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Sarah Brady Accuses Jonah Hill of Being a ‘Misogynistic Narcissist’: Revealing Their Conversations

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Brady’s Modified Caption Raises Eyebrows

Despite being infrequently featured on Brady’s social media accounts, Hill did experience a noteworthy alteration to the caption of a happy photo captured during the premiere of his 2021 film, “Don’t Look Up.” Brady revised the caption to read: “a misogynist hiding in plain sight.”

Sarah Hill

In a separate screenshot, Brady divulged a purported text message conversation between her and Hill. In the exchange, Hill expressed that if she desired activities such as surfing “with men,” pursuing modeling, posting pictures of herself in a bathing suit, sharing sexual pictures. And other related actions, he claimed not to be the suitable partner for her.

Brady proceeded to share additional alleged text exchanges with Hill, which are available for viewing below.

Jonah Hill Sarah
Sarah Jonah
Sarah Brady
Jonah Hill
Sarah Brady Jonah Hill
Sarah Brady Accuses Jonah Hill
Sarah Brady

Brady also expressed the sentiment that “someone being an emotionally abusive partner doesn’t mean they’re a terrible person (often stems from their own trauma). And at the same time, it doesn’t mean it’s okay.”

Jonah Hill Misoginist

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