We all have a universal feeling that we are born to be or to do something great. This incredible feeling and our potential as a human being to recognize ourself, our abilities, talents and uniqueness, shape our lives and journey.

When it comes to Influencers, these are people who can talk their way into something and persuade a person or crowd, without breaking a sweat. They are masters of persuasion and have a great impact on people around them. According to behavioural science, some people show the signs of a natural-born influencer. Lrt’s have a loo at 10 Signs that you’re a born Influencer.

1.Your dress sense is copied by all of your friends

You go out of the way of what ordinary people and your friends wear but in the end, they like your style and try to copy your style. This is one most easy way to notice that you are born to influence people.

2. Everyone on social media holds off their decision until your approval

Your decisions and point of view is something everyone watches out for. They trust your decision and do as what you seem to be the right thing for them.

3. You are a trendsetter

You do something so different that people usually do that it makes you stand out of the crowd. Looking at this, slowly every person around you starts to accept that change and goes accordingly.

4. You do things differently/innovative 

Doing stuff in a different way, which may increase its efficiency or just adds a bit of style is the most prominent trait of an influencer. This becomes your own style your own way to do things.

5. You love to talk/ Express your ideas

You always are the one who talks a lot in a conversation. You love to express your ideas in much more details and you are the one who always puts his opinion forward without hesitating.

6. People gravitate towards you

With you expressing your opinions, your personality and your way of doing thing in a different manner always make people being more inclined towards you. They tend to gravitate towards you whenever you are in a group.

7. Your presence has a good impact on the group

With the knowledge you possess and the value you give out whenever you open the mouth easily makes you the centre of attention being in a group. You make the people around you more relaxed and make them feel good.

8. You make friends easily

With you making everyone feel important and the way you converse makes it easier to befriend anyone you meet. This helps you to get more contacts and eventually build a good network.

9. You are always planning ahead

You are always busy planning a few steps ahead of everyone. You think of the bigger picture rather than thinking about the near future.

10. You have a marketable personality

You make the first impression with every business personnel so good that they remember you for a long time. This helps you in leveraging your skills easily to make money.


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