Tana Marie Mongeau is an American internet personality, YouTuber, musician, and model. She is popular for her “storytime” videos and similar comedy videos. She has made a lot of music videos which are very successful.

Sometime back, Tana announced on her Instagram and Twitter feeds about a brand new charity organization called the 11:11 Project to benefit families who are suffering from the devastating effects of coronavirus. Tana feels incredibly proud of her organization’s performance — and they’ve already started working toward their mission with a bang.

The speculation of Tana Mongeau joining Onlyfans comes after her long-awaited 4:20 special, which she dropped on April 30. In that video she gave hints about her might switching to x-rated content.

Mongeau tweeted: “4:20 special is FINALLY COMING TODAY. sorry guys. i had to take some stuff out cause youtube woulda exiled me fr on this one.

“I rly do need a place for uncensored content…. hmmmm. AHHHH I LOVE THIS VIDEO THO. get ur blunts or backwoods or whatever the f*ck ready.”

Tana on Onlyfans

Onlyfans is a platform where creators can charge a subscription charge from audience to watch their steamy content. She took thisstep because her YouTube and Instagram were repeatedly getting demonetized because of their guidelines.

Tana kept giving hints about this announcement through cryptic tweets-

“i promise u i got some slutty shit coming to entertain u ppl in these next few weeks. :),” the 21-year-old internet personality tweeted on Sunday. “Ok something big is coming tho,” she teased again on Monday.

Her followers swarmed the comments of both tweets with rampant speculation. “If this is an OnlyFans,” someone tweeted with eyes emoji. Fans were all aboard with this possibility. Many tweeted positively about this.

Today, Tana announced here joining Onlyfans and the comment section was all flooded with huge positive response.

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