Logan Paul vs KSI last year, concluded with Logan’s loss via split decision. Since then Jake has been challenging KSI for a boxing match to revenge his brother Logan paul.

Jake paul triumph against Gib last month and now it’s KSI’s turn. Both the star YouTuber Jake Paul and KSI did not hold their feelings during the face off back in Miami, after Jake’s win against Gib.

‘KSI’s next,’ Jake said. ‘I didn’t have to f***ing win by two points. You had to beat my bro by a made call.’

Jake recently uploaded a series of stories on his Instagram that reads – he will annihilate KSI in 2:15 seconds. Jake sounded so mad says “I’d like to have sympathy for idiots who create false reality and speaks on them.”

We may get to see a big fight ‘Jake vs KSI’ soon. Now,if this happens,surely its gonna be huge !

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