God Nixon (Luv sharma) is an Indian PUBG Mobile player who lately got his channel hacked & haven’t got it back yet. Its been a days and hacker has already started misusing his YouTube channel,recently shared a Fortnite video with fake comments ‘ I got my channel back’ that people seems to believe.

God Nixon uploaded a video on Instagram,talking about the incident which he came across at dawn. ‘my channel is being misused, the video uploaded on my channel is fake as well as comments, guys please share the video as much you can.”

The YouTube community is still working and he’s unsure about how long they’re gonna take to solve it, where hacker has already started misusing.This is a very serious issue which YouTube should work on,not only God Nixon many content creators got shutdown because of such hackers.

Do share this post, if you’re reading it pass the word as much you can.Hope YouTube get it solved as soon as possible.


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